Air & Dirt Separators
Air & Dirt Separators

Industrial Air & Dirt Separators for Oil & Gas Industries, Effluent & Wastewater Treatment

Air & Dirt Separators from MAT Industrial Technologies are specifically designed for the removal of air and particulate from heating and chilled water systems. With particulate removal down to 5 microns, boiler and chilled water system efficiency is increased while the need for maintenance is decreased.

Furthermore, the removal of entrained air and suspended particulate helps to reduce corrosion in the piping system. The Air and Dirt separators can be fitted with optional automatic air relief valves to further reduce maintenance. MAT Industrial Technologies Air and Dirt separators are manufacturer from high grade steel and coated with a durable corrosion resistant finish. The units are available in a variety of standard sizes and configurations to meet typical installation requirements. For unique installations and retrofit applications, our engineering team can assist with customized configurations. Our Air and Dirt Separators come standard with CE marking to PED 2014/68/EU Standard and are available with ASME Section VIII Division 1 design as well as ATEX certification upon request.

Features & Advantages of Air & Dirt Separators

  • No maintenance.
  • Sustainable solution against air and dirt particles.
  • Increase the efficiency of boiler and chiller systems.
  • Capability of removing particles down to 5 microns.
  • Saves energy and decreases power consumption.
  • Protects the pipes against corrosion.
  • Available in ASME Section VIII Division 1 design with “U Stamp”.
  • CE Marking According to PED 2014/68/EU Harmonized Standard.
  • Available with ATEX certificate requirements.

Where are Air & Dirt Separators Being Used?

  • Cooling and Process Water Filtration

    • Automotive Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Electronic Industry
    • Mining Industry
    • Petrochemical
    • Pharma & Cosmetic
    • Plastic Industry
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Steel Industry
    • Textile Industry
    • Food & Bevereage
    • High Rise Buildings
  • Refineries

    • Auxiliary Facilities
  • Power Plants

Find out more about the usage of this equipment in the below industries: Effluent & Wastewater Treatment Oil & Gas

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