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Industrial Filtration Solutions Leading Provider

MAT-KULING is a design and manufacturing leader of industrial filtration solutions. We fabricate specialty equipment for industrial and municipal fluids treatment usage.

Our in house engineering team has the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to design, manufacture and install the proper industrial equipment to achieve your water treatment goals.

MAT-KULING equipment covers water treatment applications such as Oil & Gas, Effluent & Wastewater Treatment, Irrigation, Recirculating Aquaculture, Municipal Water Treatment Applications as well as complete ozone and UV disinfection solutions.


Tender Compliance

Our Front End Engineering Department (FEED) supports EPC contractors on evaluating and sourcing the proper technology to comply with tenders. We focus on engineering and fabrication of equipment to meet the needs and purpose of tenders.

Quality Standards

We operate with ISO 14001 and 9001 protocol, and carry UL, SASO, and CE certification on all equipment manufactured. Furthermore wherever applicable, our equipment is compliant as per ASME, EN, HSE, UL and others. Every piece of equipment is following strict FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) quality assessment reports before being dispatched.

Industrial Filtration Equipment Factory
MAT-KULING Industrial Filtration Equipment Factory

Our Vision

We are dedicated to technological developments that will enhance environmental improvements to foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements around the world.

Industrial Equipment per Application

Municipal Water Treatment Applications

Solutions for drinking water treatment plants and domestic waste water treatment plants within its wide product range. From mobile drinking water treatment units to pre-built containerized waste water treatment sets, MAT-KULING helps local water authorities to satisfy their targets.

Municipal Applications

Oil & Gas Water Treatment

MAT-KULING offers its expertise and growing equipment portfolio to meet water treatment needs of the upstream (Crude Oil & Gas) and downstream (Refineries) divisions of the hydrocarbon industry. We customize our equipment as per Tender & Quality Specifications applying the latest technology under strict fabrication standards.

Oil & Gas

Irrigation Water Treatment

Filtration of multiple pollutants such as algae, sand and other particles within the irrigation water circuit. The proper screening equipment ensures continuous operational flow securing a longer life span.


Effluent & Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Design, supply, install and commission of industrial effluent treatment plant equipment which allows the industries to directly discharge their treated wastewater to a receiving water body, or indirectly to a municipal wastewater treatment plant or re-use the water in-plant.

Industrial Effluent & Wastewater

Aquaculture filtration equipment & complete ras systems

MAT-KULING RAS equipment design logic principle is based on compact, lowest possible footprint needed per filtration capacity. We aim in supporting fish farms that need to control incoming, recirculation water and discharged water.


Our History

MAT-KULING was established in year 2012 with a vision to provide innovative robust cutting edge technological solutions for industrial filtration applications. The brand was fast acknowledged for its design capacity and its skid oriented solutions, primarily for the aquaculture sector.

Since 2019 the MAT Board of Directors decided to further invest in R & D and expand its activities to other industrial application such as Oil & Gas, Effluent & Wastewater Treatment, Irrigation, Municipal Water Treatment Applications and various other industries.

Company Profile
Industrial filtration equipment fabrication facility
MAT-KULING Industrial Filtration Equipment Factory


Industrial Water Treatment Engineering & Equipment Request

If you are searching for a specialized industrial filtration equipment manufacturer and 24 hour after sales support, then MAT-KULING Industrial is your one stop shop for all your fluids process needs. For any request please free to contact us today!